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Parish Religious Education Program (PREP)

Dear Parents,

When you had your children baptized, you heard the priest say, “You are the first teachers of your children in the ways of faith. May you also be the best of teachers, bearing witness to the faith by what you do and say. ” We see our role as providing auxiliary help or building on what you provide at home by example and word in introducing your children to our faith.

It is important to see our Religious Education Program as only one entity from grades one through seven. If a child misses one year in the program, then he/she misses out on a whole segment of the curriculum that will not be repeated in another year. We encourage you to be conscientious about having your children attend each year, not just those years when specific sacraments are celebrated.

We have a wonderful cadre of volunteers who are happy to share their faith with your youngsters and to help you in your role as prime educators of your children. But we are always looking for new people to become involved in one way or another, and you are among the most likely of candidates. A special welcome to all newcomers either to the parish or to this program. Please consider becoming a volunteer by giving your name to our Parish Office Manager at 604.224.5678 or

You may register your children by calling the parish office at 604.224.5678. It is our privilege, and often our pleasure, to help you in your duties as Catholic parents.

Sincerely in Christ,


Father Paul Smith, OFM


Note: PREP Classes are held on Tuesdays from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM at the Immaculate Conception Parish. 

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