The Lord give you Peace! 

As your pastor at Immaculate I hold all of you in prayer and in blessing. I deeply sense how each of you are doing your best to adopt to a reality that is imposed upon all of us in a relatively unexpected way – a reality that is not easy to manage. I think of your children and how they deeply pray to change our life circumstances of quarantine so that they might be able to return to school on Monday. They must miss their friends, teachers and studies ever so much. And I know that something similar holds true for the many among us who are now working from home and worse yet for the many who have been laid off. All of us are confronted with the need to embrace this ‘new normal’ so that the COVID-19 curve will flatten and enable us to once again to savour the breadth and depth of sharing life in community. 


As we embrace the call to social distance I pray that we ponder and take seriously the well being of our grandparents and elders, our children, coworkers, the poor on the east side and those on the front line caring for the infected and sick.  Read More.

You can watch Mass on Vision TV or online at or you may visit for a list of streaming services coming online.

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