Twilight mass

Do you know someone who is a Catholic 'Seeker' or 'Wanderer'? The Twilight Mass is our parish's outreach to welcome the many among us who are seeking meaning, mercy or perhaps a new beginning. Join us as we gather once a month around God's Word and Table.

The music liturgy is guitar-led. If you enjoy singing before mass, please join us for the 'open rehearsal' at 7:30 pm inside the church.


Twilight Mass is cancelled until further notice in response to COVID-19.

Immaculate Conception Church
3778 West 28th Avenue, Vancouver

7:30 - open music rehearsal; come, be the choir
8:00 - Mass
9:00 - greetings and refreshments

Share this email with a friend, or with someone who's seeking community. All are welcome here.

FYI, there will be guitar-led music. (If you play an instrument, or you'd like to join in singing, come, sing with us before mass. It's pretty informal - not like being in a choir for the High Mass.)

Immaculate Conception Parish

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