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Parish Bulletin

Refugee Update

Hello fellow parishioners,

Both of our Syrian families are doing well.

The Tidori family is approaching their 12 month milestone in Canada, at the end of October. Naya is enjoying grade 4 at Queen Elizabeth School. She spent the summer playing with her cousin Roy and friends from school. She went swimming many times at Byng pool and spent time watching Syrian movies with Roy. The two families often get together to watch Syrian movies. Joseph is working as a technician at Essilor and is enjoying his work. Alexandra is looking for work during school hours now that Naya has returned to school. With Alexandra working, the family will be able to be self-sufficient and stay in the rental house they are in, on Trimble, which will allow Naya to stay at the school she loves. Naya’s listening and speaking skills are excellent and she is looking forward to more reading and writing in English, now that she is back at school.

The Derkou family is also doing very well. Rami is working in a refrigeration warehouse driving a forklift. He is very happy to have a day job after spending some time commuting out to Surrey for a night shift job. Mirna is attending LINC language classes every day from 9-12. Roy is in grade 7 and spent the summer swimming with Naya and riding his bike. George spent the summer meeting other teens, while getting to know the city. He is in grade 11 at Gladstone. He met with the principal and his counsellor before he started. George’s English is quite good. Being as social as he is helps a lot. He has recently applied for a job at McDonald’s.

As their sponsors, we have so much to be thankful for. We have been moved by the work of the Holy Spirit to be a generous community and through our financial contributions, offers of help, donations of time and household goods, we have been able to radically change the lives of two families living in war torn Syria and help them be successful in Canada. Undertaking this project has changed the families and changed many of us here in Dunbar.

In closing we have three requests to make. One is to please continue to pray for our families. The second is to keep in mind Alexandra’s desire to work during school hours while Naya is at school. If you know of a job she may be interested in, please contact the parish. The last request is for a vehicle for the Derkou family. Rami has a long walk from transit to his place of employment and a car would really help. Please let the parish know if you know of a vehicle that is for sale at a good price or if you know of someone who is willing to donate a vehicle.


The Immaculate Conception Refugee Committee.

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