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GOOD NEWS! On Wednesday, May 10th, Mary Margaret and Patricia R. were rejoicing at Vancouver International Airport as they met the ‘Derkou’ family from Syria – Rami, Mirna, George (16) and Roy (12). This is the second Syrian family that our parish is sponsoring. There were lots of hugs and multiple kisses and plenty of photographs before they set off to their new home. Theresa R had a hot meal waiting for them at the house.

Our Parish family – especially our refugee committee have been meeting and working behind the scenes for months preparing for the Derkou family. This is holy work. We as a parish are blessed by all who have reached out and made this sponsorship a reality. The committee and parishioners will walk alongside the Derkou family as they enter into the future that God promises to them and to all of us… in fact, the Gospel invites us to go two by two… so that we may be Jesus for each other.

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