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Parish Bulletin

Tidori Family Update

Joseph and Alexandra are busy with learning English and taking their daughter Naya to and from school every day. They have a number of tutors coming to their home and currently they are taking bi-weekly language classes in the community.

They had a good Christmas. They were invited to a Christmas party at a neighbour’s house and taken to Van Dusen Light show during the holidays. They are thankful for all the gestures of support, generosity and sharing offered to them over the holiday period.

We are working on having Naya’s dental needs met.

Her 9th birthday is at the end of the month and Teresa R is hosting a small party for her and a few of her school friends during the first week of February. The parish has arranged a Spring Break camp for her at Dunbar CC as a birthday gift.

We are working with Mosaic (a charitable organization serving immigrant, newcomer and refugee communities for the past 40 years) and hoping that our family will qualify for a government employment grant which assists and encourages potential employers to create employment options for new Canadians. We are looking at a few different employment options.

As Father Paul reminds us, it was around this time last year we began our journey to sponsor families... we had a wonderful response from the parish... the 'yes' of our little parish gifted us with the Tidori family and the hope to welcome yet another young family, this time the Derkou Family. They are a family of four; parents Rami and Mirna with their two boys George (17) and Roy (12), also from Aleppo. They are just waiting for a flight date, and we are here ready and willing to welcome them with renewed hope for their future and joy in our hearts. We are once again bound together as a community, with the opportunity they afford us, to share our abundance and show love and compassion.

Immaculate Conception Refugee Ministry Committee

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