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Tidori Family Update

A small army of parishioners, helped move the Tidori family into their basement suite apartment last Saturday. Fresh flowers greeted the family when they opened the door. The apartment is now fully furnished and fully outfitted with the donations that many of you made from this parish. On top of moving the family into their new digs, this small army also moved a lot of furniture from Vancouver College up to the third floor of our parish centre, to store for the two refugee families that are yet to come.

We are very grateful to the Cordonier family, and the Rose boys, among many others, for lending their time and strength to this big move. The Tidori family met another milestone this week when Naya attended her first day of school in a long time, at Queen Elizabeth Elementary on Monday. One of our interpreters was able to accompany Naya and her parents and summarizes their day as follows:

Naya seemed to have had a very happy first day at school. She was greeted by a lovely, welcoming teacher. Unusually, there was another little girl, also without any English, starting today in the same class. The other children were very excited to have these new students and had made cards for them. They were each given a ‘buddy’ who showed them around the school. The halls are decorated with drawings of poppies and the thoughts of some of the children ( “Peace is like swimming in the ocean”, “Peace is like being warmed by the sun”, “Peace is like dancing to music”) which seemed to touch Joseph and Alexandra while we waited for the class to be dismissed.

After school Joseph and Alexandra were able to see Naya’s desk and cubby and were reassured by the teacher that all had gone well.

At the apartment I explained how Naya’s Agenda works and Joseph signed the consent form for her first field trip – to the Planetarium on November 21st. This Thursday is a Professional Day, so no school, and of course Friday is a holiday. So Naya can have a little break – and have a chance to look at her math book, her colours etc.

The teacher asked about a computer and Internet at home. The class reading program is all on line, with selections geared to each student’s ability. I gather they will have Internet connection soon.

Tomorrow Joseph and Alexandra ( I think ” Eleksandra” was the creation of an immigration official doing his best!) know that they will meet with Jasmine at the school at 2:00. I have told them that I will be away until Saturday but after that I will be happy to help them or you in any way I can.

The Tidori famiy is grateful for the care and support they are receiving. Thank you to the parishioners here at Immaculate Conception Parish for their ongoing support. You are making all the difference.


The Immaculate Conception Refugee Committee

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