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Parish Bulletin

Refugee Update

We are grateful that the first of three families that our parish is sponsoring is scheduled to arrive in Vancouver on Oct. 20th. Praised be God! Our parish’s refugee committee has secured an apartment for them and is in the process of gathering furniture and other household items for them.

Once they arrive there is still much to be done in terms of completing documents, accessing medical and dental care, accessing support services as needed and introducing them to life in Canada.

This is a wonderful event that is happening for this mom, dad and little girl because of the generosity of time, talent and compassion within your hearts and souls.

May God bless you for your goodness – you have redeemed this holy family from fear and terror and made ready for them a future filled with peace and promise.

Thank you for your fidelity to this family and may we walk together with each other into the future that God opened up for all of us… It is indeed the work of the Lord!

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