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Parish Bulletin

Refugee Update

On this Thanksgiving weekend we are indeed grateful that the first of three Refugee families sponsored by our parish – the Tidori family – are scheduled to arrive in Vancouver on October 20th. It is a family of three – mom, dad and their young daughter. So many in our parish have been instrumental in making this day of Peace, Joy and Blessing come for this family … Their prayer and our prayers have been answered…they will be freed from fear and their family will have a new beginning! Our Parish refugee committee has secured an apartment for them and are in the process of ensuring that it will be suitably furnished.

If you want to assist in this please check out our parish website for a spreadsheet of what is required for our refugee families. If you do have items to donate (new or gently used) you can drop them of at the Parish center on Saturday, October 15th from 3 pm – 5 pm at the Parish.

For further information on this contact:

Susan Cordonier – – phone number: 604-738-3465

Linda Casey – – phone number: 604-731-3588

On this Thanksgiving weekend let us also be mindful that we still have 2 other Refugee Families who are waiting in ‘desperate Hope’ to receive word that their documents have been processed and approved.

May God send Angels to keep them safe and their hearts free from despair until they find a home among us.

May we be ever faithful to them and may our fidelity be a gesture of Hope and Peace toward and for them and our world.

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